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Identity & Fashion

N.E.W Agency aims to bring unique and identity driven brands to the Norwegian market.

As a Clothing and fashion agency we have through a selective selection process picked out what we think will become the “NEXT BIG THING”. Vetting the whole chain from design and production untill the product is on the market. We only work with hard working designers producing high quality cloths with an ethical production line.

We are always interested to learn about new and exciting brands. Bringing our years of expertise and knowhow getting your brand into the Norwegian Market

“Fashion is art, and you are the canvas”

-Velvet papaer

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 Our brands

Fat Moose

Fat Moose is a danish menswear label founded in 2010 in Denmark by Luca, Thomas and Simon.

They originally joined forces in 2009 and with know how from extreme sports and backgrounds in either textile or design, they started to make a small number of jackets for themselves each season that combined durable and innovative fabrics with practical solutions.

Demand started to grow from family and friends and fat moose was founded.

Just Junkies by Dj.

Just junkies by dj is a Danish fashion brand. The style is casual but has got an edge to it that makes the whole difference.
Just junkies by dj is for guys and girls. The main target group is 18-35 year-old’s and the collection is very reasonably priced.
A lot of thoughts have been put into the design and the fit of the just junkies by dj collection, which gives it an edgy and a modern look.

A just junkie girl is a girl who one day shows up in her trashy jeans and her favorite t-shirt and looks fantastic and the next day will wear her sensual silk dress and high heels and look totally different, but still the same. She doesn’t want to be categorized and she always stays true to her own style. She is young but rich on experiences, classic but trendy and she is feminine but has got the edge.

Damselfly Collective

Set into the wild and beautiful world of Chritianna Heideman: silver-thonged style maven, successful girl-boss, jeweller, creator and lover of unicorns. 

It goes without saying that the talented team behind the scenes of Damselfly are the ones that help keep the show running, and the brand wouldn’t be where it is without the collective group of passionate sales agents, stylists, writers, accountants, graphic designers and PR gurus that make it all happen.


A penchant for pushing the boundaries has caused Oneteaspoons dizzying ascent from vanguard of its local fashion scene to international success. From “those” iconic shorts to luxe tee shirt designs, Jamie creates clothing for the quintessentially nonchalant it-girl with a twist. Drawing from eclectic design inspirations and transcending trends each range is inherently both edgy and wearable; The epitome of rebellious cool .